Google Visibility = More Reservations, Say Restaurants

New York City restaurants are filling up tables, thanks to Google Business Photos.

This summer NYC & Company introduced its very first restaurant week, using embedded Google Business Photos and Google Maps to entice customers and promote nearly 300 restaurants.  Google used the opportunity as a case study to evaluate the conversion ratios of people viewing the tours of any given restaurant to people choosing to dine there.  See the PDF case study report directly from Google or just keep reading…

restaurant signWhat did the customers have to say? They loved the photos and tours, of course! (And we’re not surprised.)  Plus, the vast majority agreed that Google Business Photos helped make or break their decision on where to dine.

See for yourself how the numbers played out:


55% of all participating restaurants had Business Photos and results showed that diners were more likely to reserve a table at those restaurants. In New York City’s competitive food scene, this compelling visual imagery offered these restaurants a valuable edge.

  • On average, restaurant listings that included Google Business Photos had a 30% higher click through to reservations
  • Visitors who viewed Business Photos for a given business clicked through to make a reservation 50% of the time (20% more than visitors who didn’t view Business Photos)
  • 84% of 1,300 surveyed customers said Google Business Photos played a factor in their restaurant choice 

Denver already has a famous restaurant week — actually TWO separate weeks in 2014. So, whether February or August is your pick, Denver restaurants might do well to take a tip from NYC diners and Google their way to full tables and happier customers!

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