How to install Google Business Photos on your website

Once your Google Business Photos have been published, you can share them with the world. Not just on your Google+ Local page but on your website too!

Follow the steps below to embed your tour into your website.

1.  From your Google Places page, open the Business Photos Virtual Tour and find the view you want to start with. (Note: Each time you move around in the tour, a different code will be generated by Google Maps.)


2. Once you have the starting view the way you’d like it, click the “chain link” button at the top left of the viewer window. Now you need to decide if you want to embed the tour in the default size or create your own custom size to fit your website.


3. For default size:  Click the “Paste HTML to embed in website” box and copy the html code. (Your virtual tour will stay the default size of 425 width by 350 height.) Skip to Step 5.


4. For custom size: Click the “Customize and preview embedded map” option and wait for the tour to load completely. (If you still see Google earth view, keep waiting.) You can choose small, medium, large or custom sizes.  Once you’ve picked the size that works best, copy the long HTML code from the box beneath the

  • small = 425 x 240
  • medium = 562 x 314
  • large = 700 x 394
  • custom = change width and height to fit your needs


5.  Now paste the code you just copied as html on your own website.

Congrats, now you’re showing your business off for website visitors too!


P.S. If you’re more the “watch and learn” type, here’s a quick video for you.


How to Share the Tour on Social Media


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