How to make your Google+ circles bounce off the screen

So, you’re staring down a boring Monday afternoon thinking “I need something fun to do!”

Can I tempt you with a bouncing Google+ circle that falls off the screen?

Just delete one.

Warning: Randomly deleting G+ circles will make your connections disappear.

But who wants to miss out on the fun because of some dumb warning, right? Not me. So, here’s a work-around for the warning above. Either way works great for redeeming Blah Monday.

  1. Add the connections to another circle before you delete the existing one, or
  2. Create a dummy circle and delete it just to see it bounce.

How to Delete a Google+ Circle

From your google+ account:

circles screen shot

1. Follow this link   You’ll see a page with your existing circles that looks something like:


2. Choose the circle you want to delete. Your connections will load into the box above the circles, and you can drag each connection to a new circle (if you intend to keep them).


delete circle

3. Click the trash can on the circle and verify you’re absolutely 100% sure you positively want to delete this circle.

are you sure

4. Watch in fascination as the circle bounces and rolls off the screen into oblivion. {sigh of satisfaction}

See? Monday Blahs disappeared.

P.S. If you happen to find yourself a bit delete-g+-circles happy, you can choose “undo” and revive the last circle you deleted. But hurry because the undo option isn’t on screen for long.



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