How to share Google Business Photos via email and social media

Email and social media are great ways to share your brand new Google Business Photos Virtual Tour.  You can easily let your fans and future fans know just how great you look!

Follow the steps below to share your GBP virtual tour over email or social media

1. From your Google Places page, open the Business Photos Virtual Tour and find the view you want to start with. (Note: Each time you move around in the tour, a different code will be generated by Google Maps.)


2. Once you have the starting view the way you’d like it, click the “chain link” button at the top left of the viewer window.

3. In the window that opens, copy the long URL link (top box) or select the “Short URL” box and copy the short URL link.

4. Paste the link into an email, google+ update, facebook post, or other social media to share your tour.


*EXTRA TIP:  You can actually embed the virtual tour on your facebook page too, if you’d like.  We’ve posted an example of how this looks on our Vizzi Studios Facebook page. (Click the “See the Tour Live” button next to our Photos).

For complete instructions  on how to embed your tour on your facebook page, check out this tutorial.

How to Embed the Tour into Your Website


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