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Peace of Mind Massage

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Overview: Nothing beats a boutique massage studio full of feng shui, boutique aura, and a personal touch in every corner.  Peace of Mind Massage is the picture of a boutique owner-operated local business providing exceptional quality and service with a personal touch.  A valued space on Old South Pearl Street just outside of Cherry Creek, this business was completely renovated to offer a unique look and feel.  This vision and design needed to be captured and shared with the town, to show the community every piece of this great space, from the private interior massage rooms to the elaborate details of each decoration.

peace of mind massageProject: Vizzi Studios was asked to photograph a virtual tour of this unique space as well as provide a full custom photo shoot with actual Peace of Mind therapists and clients for their website.

Results: We photographed the virtual tour, took several facility photos, and spent several hours of custom posing / lighting to show off all the types of massage they offer.  Not only did Peace of Mind receive some amazing, unique photography for their marketing, but also received a dramatic bump in their local search rankings.

Peace of Mind Massage, INC.

UPDATE: Just 6 months after the photos published, Peace of Mind is completely booked and having to build out more massage rooms to accommodate the increase in clients. Peace of Mind’s photos were also selected by Yelp for use as a feature image in an article honoring the top massages in Cherry Creek.

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