Google Streetview | Trusted Tours

Providing Customers a Google Tour of Your Business

Show Off Your Interior

The same Street View technology used in streets around the world – for your business. Create a high-quality, interactive, 360-degree experience.

Enjoy Higher Visibility

Google will present your profile frequently to local searchers looking for products/services that you provide. These profiles are displayed through Google web search, Google Plus Local, and Google Maps.

Engage With Your Customers

Interactive features allow customers to experience your space, get to know you better, and be more likely to share your profile with their friends.


Further Explanation of the Google Streetview | Trusted Program

Google has established a new program called Google Streetview | Trusted to help local business owners increase their visibility and connect with searchers through a virtual tour of their business.  It’s a function of Google Maps, and uses Google’s Streetview™ technology to create a virtual tour experience of the inside of your business.  Just like you walk down the street in photos and click on the arrows to view an address on Google Maps, now you can view the inside of a new restaurant you want to try, or see what it’s like inside that cool new shop your friend told you about.  The tours are installed on your business’s Google Plus Local page and are presented to searchers in multiple ways throughout their Google experience.

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