How the Google Tour Process Looks

Here’s a simple overview of the process of creating a Google Tour:

This is what the Google Tours process looks like

Just a few things to remember . . .

Google-Trusted-Photographer-Badge1.  Your business must qualify for the program, and only a Google Certified Photographer can publish your tour on Google.  Not all organizations are a good fit (imagine touring the local police station and seeing your teenage son there in cuffs…we try to let him break that news to you in his own way….)  Google has several little rules and guidelines about what we can do.  The best way is to contact us and ask if you’re a good fit!

2.  Tours can be customized to fit your vision, your budget, and your company’s goals.  We’re creatives at heart, so let us know if you have hopes, dreams, or even worries, and we’ll see if we can make them happen the way you want.

3.  People can be in the tour, but everyone’s face must be blurred per Google regulations.  Sorry, even business owners must blur their faces. (Well, just come as you are because we help with the blur part.)

See if you can find Chris in Altitude Digital's Tour!4.  Feel free to get crazy!   Our custom tours can be a lot of fun, an employee morale booster, and a great day of partying to be captured and kept by Google Maps forever. The more interesting, the more viral it can be on social media.  Example: On this tour of Altitude Digital, see if you can find Chris (the weird guy in the orange t-shirt!) in every step of the tour.  Sometimes it’s tricky, but he’s always there!

5.  Professional facility photos are always included!  Ask about what kind of photos are included with your tour package.  All business owners are given full rights to use these photos in marketing, and our creatives are great at getting some unique, appealing images for social media, brochures, websites, and more.  Additionally, we also offer more advanced HDR photography for your website, staff photos, employee headshots for LinkedIn/ID cards, and much more.  Just ask!

Still have more questions?  No problem – let’s talk on the phone or on a Google hangout.  We’re happy to help any way we can. Just contact us.