How the technical stuff works

Hold onto your hat for a little Geek Speak…

If you’re reading this page, you’re obviously digging a little deeper than most. So, I’m assuming you’ve come here for some technical crap that people don’t put on the home page.  We speak that language here too, so . . . sweet! Here’s the tech juice.

See Inside link from Google Plus Local PageGoogle tours are hosted on Google Maps servers, with the default inside view captured as a graphic which is installed into your Google Plus Local Page.  Click that image (labeled See Inside) and you shoot over to Google Maps for a full-screen experience.  As such, the hard data is all stored, hosted, and streamed by GMaps.  That’s great news because you know that’s not easy.  They don’t charge ANYTHING for this service for the life of the program.

Google Tours work on iphones, ipads, android, and more

The tour can be embedded into any website that uses html (like 99.99% of all websites, right?).  Just like embedding Google Maps or YouTube video, they give you an iframe you can drop in anywhere – think custom HTML Facebook Page, a page on your website, or even a mobile app.  Tours are fully interactive right there.


Google Tours are cross-browser compatibleTours are cross-platform.  So whether you’re targeting iOS users, Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome, IE, Firefox, Safari – no matter.  As long as the device can decode html5, you’re good.


Flash & HTML5 compatibility

High dynamic range photography – this allows for better control over difficult lighting situations.  (Our photogs know the tech tricks like this, so we can overcome a lot of tough situations.)

Custom programming & interactive elements can only be added to non-Google tours.  Some custom coding can be done to overlay some options onto the embedded Google tour, but you’re limited.  Ask for details.

Custom designed to your specifications.  For Google, the steps in your tour must be connected (i.e. no teleporting around the office), but other than that there’s a lot of flexibility.

Full screen HD viewing with every tour.  (Take that, Bing.)