Google Local Ranking & Profile Mgmt

Sure, you and I both know it’s crazy hard to keep up with Google’s plan for local businesses.

That’s why Vizzi Studios offers a full suite of Google Plus management solutions, ensuring your Google business profile is managed according to best practices, engaging, relevant, and most importantly, vizzible!

First, Attend a  Class, Webinar, or Personal Consultation

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To get started, we’ll need to get a good idea of where you are now and where you’d like to go.  We offer free classes, webinars, or personal consultations to show you how your business is showing up on Google, how it’s ranking, and what you can do to make it show up better.  We discuss things like your business presence in the Web 2.0 world, getting more Google reviews for your business, and local search rankings. Then we present both do-it-yourself and let-the-pro-handle-it options to you, so you can decide what best meets your needs.

Google Plus Local Business Page ManagementGoogle Profile Management

Keeping up with all the things necessary for your Google account can be a full-time job, one that many people aren’t comfortable with and are unfamiliar with.  We have the resources to do it, we are on the phone with Google every other week getting updates on new changes, and we will be totally committed to helping with your profile issues.  This package is designed to make sure you’re optimized and fully engaged within your Google Plus Local Page, Google Plus Business Page, Google Plus Reviews, Google Offers, Google Local Ranking, and Google Maps profile.  We will talk about how to make your business engage both with searchers and with Google.  This package includes options for managing your Yelp account, Foursquare, and more.

Google Plus Social Engagement

Google Plus Social Media Management

Once you’ve got your Google strategic plan in place, you’ll want to continue to manage and cultivate a tribe of your own on Google Plus.  Around here, we have studied, tested, tried, and lived the fact that Google wins.  We really don’t believe in monopolies, dictatorships, or total world domination–but we do believe that those who bet their business’s marketing strategy with Google will absolutely, positively win.  That said, we have designed a program for businesses to engage through Google’s social media platform, build a tribe of loyal fans, and leverage Google Plus social presence for local visibility (and superiority!).

Is This Right For Your Business?

All of these options are designed specifically for businesses that are seeking better visibility among local search results, better engagement with local customers, and who believe in Google local rankings.

Our program’s not for you if

  • you’re looking for organic search ranking using backlinking and SEO optimization
  • you’re most interested in national recognition
  • you’re not a brick and mortar local business

Our program IS FOR YOU if

  • you want to cultivate engagement with local customers and local Google searchers
  • you’re a local business with a physical presence in your community
  • you want to convert local web traffic into foot traffic

Do those last 3 describe you? Then you may be on the brink of a decision that could double your local foot traffic in 90 days. Want to know more?

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