Other Promotional Media

We heart Google. (That’s obvious!) But, we also know there are a few other things hip business owners like you might need. So, take a gander at our other offerings.

1.  Non-Google Virtual Tours

Beyond GBP, we also offer fully-customized virtual tours for high-end visually appealing applications.  Clients looking to capture and customize a viewer’s experience with on-screen maps, hot links, facebook links, and more — will love this product.

High Definition 360 images with Show/Hide Tools that include:
Navigation with custom hot spots and menus
Auto-rotation of panoramas
Audio with music or narration for each panorama
A slides how with unlimited number of images
You Tube Video Module (link to video popups)
Info Boxes with text and image contents
Separate floor plans for each panorama
Google Maps with GPS capability
Links to external pages and files
Company logo that floats on top of the pano images
Traffic analytics to give you a feedback of the usage
Ability to export the tour and host it on your server

Click to see inside a Mercedes SL500



2.  Social Media Photo Shoot-out

This is not your average photo shoot.  This is a photo shoot designed specifically to produce crazy, nutty, funny, unique, ultra-hip, uber-shizzle, or otherwise shareable photos specifically for social media.  These shoots may cover a staff party, a promotion, a leadership retreat, an assembly process, a creative process, or whatever you can think of.

You hire a photographer (per an hourly rate) who’s live, engaging, and a little nuts — and he extracts some crazy, fun photos of your staff and/or company.  These photos are designed to be shared on Facebook primarily, where people can tag and share photos of themselves at work, promoting your unique company culture and a little extra social media visibility.  All the photos are yours to keep/tag/share at will!

Professional Staff Photos - Serious, or nutty!

3.  Staff Photos

While on location, we’ve had many of our customers ask if we could also take nice, professional photographs of their staff for use on business cards, LinkedIn, and company ID cards.  We’re happy to!  We have portable lights, backgrounds, etc.  and can photograph head-shots on location.  We just have to know before we show up to the shoot.  Inquire for more details.

4. Other Professional Photos

Whether you’ve got a crazy idea or an artistic vision for your business, if you need a local photographer to help you bring it to life…

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