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Take the GBP tour: Hover your mouse over the photo, then click on the white arrows that appear at the bottom and they’ll lead you through the business. You can also click and drag anywhere on any photo to see from different angles. (Try a 360 degree turn!)

*We recommend the full-screen version which you access with the 4-arrow button in the top right corner of the photo.

Overview: Nestled in the heart of Cherry Creek, you’ll find a cozy store that sells home furnishings made from recycled materials. Reclaimed, recycled, and repurposed is their goal — and their artisans do it well.  Using the most unusual reclaimed items, the artists create pieces you’ll love to display in your home. From car hood coffee tables to skateboard jewelry, you never know what treasure you may find.

Revampt Storefront

Project Details: After recent renovations, Revampt was eager to showcase its nostalgic interior and one-of-a-kind merchandise. A full round of Google Business Photos was just the thing!

Results: Vizzi provided Revampt with a custom GBP virtual tour and HDR photos of their showroom.

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