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St. John’s Cathedral

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Overview:  St. John’s  Cathedral is older than you, older than me, older even than our lovely state of Colorado! Founded in the Gold Rush days, this church has existed for well over a century and grown into an established Denver landmark.

Google Tour of St Johns Cathedral in DenverProject Goals:  Existing for over a century doesn’t mean you have to remain staunchly in the last one! St. John’s desire to meet the community where they are caused them to seek a way for the community to get to know them better.  A Google Business Photos virtual tour was the perfect tool for St. John’s to use in helping the local community learn more about their historic venue and in further engaging them through today’s social media platforms.

Results:  The rich history and elegant facilities of this Denver icon are showcased in brilliant display by the GBP virtual tour. Now getting to know what St. John’s is all about is easier than ever.

“Take a walk” through this historic building from the comfort of your chair, or

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