How To Embed A Google Business View Virtual Tour Into Your Website

How do I embed Google Business View in my website or social media?

1. Position the Tour

Open the virtual tour link that has been sent to you via email. For our example here, we’ll look at this FASTSIGNS link. Click and drag to walk around the tour, and get the tour to the place that you’d like to be the default view for your embed project.  (Developer hint: you can embed the tour so that it starts in the lobby, or the back room near the printers, or outside in the vehicle wrap bay–or all of them! Embed the tour several times to guide viewers to each of the unique areas of your facility.) The embed code changes each time you move within the tour, so figure out where you want the tour to start and then proceed.

2.  Open the Options Menu

Click on the menu icon in the top left corner of the tour next to the name of the business.



3.  Click on “Share or embed image.”


4.  Copy the Link

The code will automatically be generated to specifically reflect wherever you are looking in the tour at the time.  Copy the code, or select “Short URL” to get the shortened version for easier sharing.  This is all you need to share the tour via email, or to post the tour or link to the tour from anywhere on the web, including sharing in a social media post.

5.  Go on to Embed the Tour

If just sharing a link isn’t enough, then you can also embed the tour live right into your website.  Click the embed tab, then either select a default size or choose to customize the size of your tour.  (hint: this will create an iframe that will embed directly into your site just like any other Google Map or YouTube iframe.)



6.  Set the Custom Size & Preview

Click on “Preview Actual Size” and a popup will appear showing you a window that is exactly the size you’ve chosen.  Repeat this step until you get the size you want.  (Remember, pretty much any size is possible, so this feature can be responsive to mobile and tablet viewing experiences! Play around with it until you get what you want.  If it’s not working for your design goals, research how to adjust & code Google Maps iframes and you should find more helpful tips that will work here as well.)


7.  Copy and Paste the Code

Once you’ve got the size you want, copy and paste the embed code into your website.  That’s it!

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