When Your Fingers Circle Faster Than Your Brain

So, you have that moment where you find someone amazing on Google+.  You click the follow button and add a new circle.  But your fingers are faster than your brain, and you type something unreadable and hit enter before you realize how poor your spelling is. “Seriously?!”

Yup, we’ve all been there.  Good thing it’s quick and painless to rename a Google+ circle!

How to Rename a Google+ Circle in 3 Easy Steps

From your Google+ account:

1. Follow this link You’ll see something like:

circles screen shot


2. Click on the circle you want to rename and choose the pencil icon to edit the circle.

pencil edit screen capture


3. When the name/description box pops up, retype the name and save.

rename circle screen shot


Voila!  Brain and fingers once again in perfect harmony.

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