You’ll never guess where Google’s taken street view lately

Guess where Google has taken street view technology lately.

Not only can you tour the streets of practically any town or take a 360-degree gander inside an awesome business, now Google virtual tours are reaching even further to exotic places. Places you and I may not have the chance to visit like remote islands, national treasures in faraway places, and historical sites.

Just because we haven’t traveled there doesn’t mean we can’t see these places, though, from the comfort of a desk chair.  Thanks, Google!

The latest unusual virtual tour?

Think water. And lots of it!

Imagine views of sea creatures and coral like nothing you’ve ever seen from far-off destinations such as:

  • The Great Barrier Reef in Australia
  • Molokini Crater near Maui, Hawaii
  • Apo Islands in the Philippines

Street view? Naw, we’re talking serious “Wave View” here!  Stunning photography in 360-degree panoramas bring these ocean places to life with just the click of a mouse button.

Need a break midweek? Take an oceanic virtual tour.

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